Inter-University Student Economics Tournament 2019-2020

We are launching a new (free) Inter-University Student Tournament, based on an Economics simulation.

In 2017, HEC Montréal won the tournament. In 2018, Eötvös Loránd University won, Amherst College was second and HEC Montréal completed the podium (all finalists and ranking). Will you follow them?

Registration is closed.

The 24 teams to qualify for the Finals of the 2019-2020 Economics Tournament are: Agrocampus ouest (3 teams), AgroParisTech, D’overbroeck’s college, Enac (3 teams), ENP Alger (5 teams), Mines Albi, IMT Atlantique (2 teams), Information Technology University, International School Ho Chi Minh City, Lexington High School, Loras College, University of California Los Angeles, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2 teams), University of Tirana (unranked list). Congratulations!

The qualification phase consists in playing a few years of a mono-player simulation, before April the 9th, 2020 (vs robots behaving like humans did, in previous experiments). You can play when you want, at your own pace.

The 24 best teams (with the additional constraint of a maximum of 5 teams per university/campus) will be qualified for the finals (and scores will be reset).

The finals will be played between May the 12th and May the 21th, 2020.

Both phases are played online.

IO Game Tournament

The winning team will be awarded a voucher around 300€ as a first prize (on amazon or a similar site).

Students can participate on their own, with no need for support from their instructors: The game will require some strategic thinking but there is no prerequisite in economics.

This will be fun, so join the tournament!

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