IO Game: the production phase

The game interface.

Industrial Organization through the game.

A game with progressive difficulty levels and "trial and error" cycles.

The IO Game is a market simulation game for trainings in industrial organization.

Players are responsible for managing the pricing and production policies of virtual companies competing over several markets, and must adapt their strategies to a constantly changing environment (taxes and subsidies, quotas, demand shocks, new technologies, more or less elastic demands, quantity precommitment ...).

Note You will find here the companion documents of the tutorial and of the 6-years simulation.

(COVID-19 Response) We are making our individual simulations available for free until the end of July 2020.
Your students can directly hit the 'Play' button. Or, if you want access to an administration interface, you can send an email to (with subject 'Access to the admin interface', and mentioning the number of students and the simulation).